Can my clients access their insurance lab results once completed?

Yes. There are 2 major insurance labs in the industry today where all labs are processed: ExamOne and CRL (Clinical Reference Lab).Typically lab results are available within 7 days after a sample is drawn. Below are instructions on how clients may access their results:

Exam One

  2. Click “Register Here” - and be sure to include the bar code number on the sticker that is affixed to the front of your ‘Important Information’ brochure.
  3. You will receive an email notification when your results are available.
  4. Simply follow the link in the email, and log in using the username and password.
  5. You will need to read and accept the Terms of Use on the site.


  2. Enter the slip ID located on the consent form provided by examiner at time of lab
  3. When prompted enter the last four digits of your phone number
    1. A PIN will be provided via text or voice message from the Interactive Voice System
    2. Enter the PIN to view your lab report online
    3. Save or print

Are there electronic signature options available?

Most carriers allow some form of electronic signatures on their new business paperwork.  Carriers are contracted with a variety of vendors and providers and have different rules and parameters. 

For those that allow electronic signatures, most forms can be signed electronically other than 1035 forms, assignment forms and surrender forms.  Some carriers require traditional signatures on policy service forms and HIPAA authorizations. 

It is important to note that HIPAA authorizations signed electronically may be accepted by a particular carrier, but in most cases will not be accepted by doctor’s offices when ordering records. 

Many carriers will require contract addendums and / or electronic signature agreements for a particular vendor prior to allowing electronically signed forms to be submitted by an agent or agency. 

Please contact Windsor for the most up to date electronic signature information for each carrier 

In addition, Windsor has DocuSign capabilities, which allow you to process signatures and applications electronically.