The process has never been simpler.

At Windsor, our dedicated Licensing and Contracting specialists will expertly assist you with all your contracting needs. As each carrier has its own individual guidelines, the difference between licensing, contracting and appointments can seem complex. Our specialists however, can easily guide you through the process.  

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us here.



How do I apply for (or renew) a state license?

Windsor does not apply for, renew, or track state licenses. We recommend you visit NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) or Sircon for anything that relates to your state license.

Do I need to be licensed / contracted / appointed before submitting an application?

You must always have an active state license prior to dating a formal application. Contracting and appointment requests are submitted to the carrier concurrently with a formal application unless pre-appointment is required. We have compiled a list of pdf Pre Appointment States (56 KB) . If pre-appointment is not required, we always recommend that the application be dated as current as possible before submitting it to our office.

Can I hold multiple contracts with a carrier?

Yes, with most carriers. Below are a few exceptions:

  1. Allianz
  2. American National
  3. Forethought (Global Atlantic Annuity)
  4. Mass Mutual - Cannot be a career agent and has to be under the production limit with their current agency
  5. MN Life
  6. United of Omaha - No dual contracting for Final Expense & Term Life Express
  7. National Life / LSW
  8. North American 
  9. SBLI - Can only have 2 active contracts
  10. Security Mutual of NY
  11. The Standard
  12. US Life - Only applies to certain contract levels

What is AML training and when is it required?

AML is “anti-money laundering training” and most often, AML training is required when you sell permanent products. Each carrier’s training requirements differ so please refer to our pdf AML Requirements (62 KB)  for more details.