A No-Hassle Unique Benefit Your Client Has Never Seen - Until Now

Interested in offering clients additional products and services while enjoying the compensation that comes with it? How would you like to strengthen and secure your client relationship by helping the business retain and reward key people? Could your practice benefit from another source of current and future revenue by providing innovative life insurance solutions without the "noise" associated with this line of business (underwriting and ongoing administration)? What if the only invasive question was "are you actively at work?" And finally, any "white collar" client with existing group term insurance (or in need of it) is a prospect.

We're talking about a unique way for an employer to provide a significantly enhanced life insurance benefit to a select group of employees, without the hassle and uncertainty of medical underwriting. This is a "carve out" unlike any other that you or your client have seen before…and your competitors aren't talking about it. Each insured is covered by a competitively priced individual term life policy, featuring:

  • Guaranteed Level Premiums for 10 years
  • No Benefit Reductions at Older Ages
  • Readily Portable Upon Termination
  • Commissionable Conversion to Permanent Insurance (without evidence of insurability)

Focus 10 Life is a powerful employer-paid, non-voluntary term solution that creates long term value between employers and key employees, while cementing your role as trusted advisor. And it comes in two flavors:

Flexible Design (20+ covered lives)
Simplified Issue Guidelines

  • Employer-Paid, Non-Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Targeted to "white collar" occupations
  • Minimum lives: 20*
  • Maximum Benefit: $20,000 times # of lives, to $1.5 million*
  • Face Weighted Average Age = 50.00 or less*
  • Minimum face amount: $50,000
  • Maximum Benefit Multiple Between Classes = 2.5*
  • Maximum Issue Age: 70 at nearest birthday

Fixed Design (10-19 covered lives)
Simplified Issue Guidelines

  • Employer-Paid, Non-Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Targeted to "white collar" occupations
  • $100,000 death benefit or $150,000 for 10-19 lives
  • Face Weighted Average Age = 50.00 or less*
  • Maximum Issue Age: 70 at nearest birthday

*Exceptions allowed with prior approval

Target Prospects

Focus 10 is ideal for any employee in a full-time "white collar" occupation, such as –

  • Law firms
  • Architectural/Engineering firms
  • Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Service firms – Advertising, Hospitality, Call Centers, Real Estate

In addition, Focus 10 can be sold to a carved-out group of "white collar" employees – executives, management, sales – who work in "blue collar" industries.

Case in Point

Here's an actual Focus 10 case –

  • Medical group needing $1,000,000 of life insurance on each of six owners to fund a Stock Redemption plan
  • Interested in streamlined underwriting
  • Over 60 additional employees

Recommended plan design –

​Class ​Benefit
​Owners​$1,000,000​Stock Redemption
​Non-Owner Physicians​$400,000​Fringe Benefit
​Physician Assistants​$160,000​Fringe Benefit
​All Other Employees​$65,000​Fringe Benefit

This plan design met all Simplified Issue Guidelines and readily secured approval.

Please remember that this is an employer-paid, non-voluntary solution for "white collar" owners and employees. Have a case that qualifies? Then all we need to get started is a completed census (link). If you have questions and/or would like additional information, please contact the Windsor team at (800) 410-9890.

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